Invitation | FaizxHani

Salaam and good day, dears. 🙂

Dropping by for a bit to post on the very last suite I worked on before I went into labour.

The lovely couple requested for something floral, dotty and gold. While I managed to hit the spot for the design and layout, it took us several rounds to get the map right. And yes, to me, the most tedious part of designing a wedding invitation is the map. The OCD part of me would insist to ensure that not a single road stick out out of nowhere like a sore thumb. LOL.

Congratulations, Faiz & Hani. 🙂 Thank you so much for coming to my place to collect the cards earlier than we planned, and thank you husband for making their collection a smooth process while I tried my best to manage my contractions on our couch. ❤

I’ll leave my birth story for another time, ya. Have a good day!


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