Invitation | HaizaxNazry

Salaam and good day, everyone!

Back here to share another invitation suite with you BTBs. 🙂

This is, by far, one of the most emotional pieces/weddings that I’ve done. The groom and I have been really good friends since our days in uni. So when he mentioned his plans to marry the love of his life, I automatically jumped on board (whether he asked or not, lulz).

This invite was printed in A6 size. It is very suitable for fuss-free BTBs who find that they do not need vector maps on their invites. 🙂

Just an update – My response rate to emails have been terribly slow lately. My husband and I have finally moved into our new home with no internet connection yet, and we do not have access to web-based emails at work. We’ll be fixing the internet real soon insyAllah. Appreciate your kind understanding and patience during this period.

Will update again on another suite next month insyAllah!


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