Invitation | Hydrangea

Salaam and good day, lovelies. 🙂

Haven’t written in like what, 3 months? Took a long break and now I’m back.

A friend of mine loves hydrangea so much, she wanted to have them in her bridesmaids invitation. I was taking in-depth watercolour classes back then, so I tried applying bits and pieces of what I learned.

So this is me, painting the first layer. Did I mention how impatient I am when it comes to painting the first layer? Hahah. I doubt myself every time.

But with the love and support from my family and crafty bunch (shout out to Mariyah of EMAREWHY ♥), I pushed myself to keep going. Progress was slow. Like really, really slow. I mean, come on, look at the number of petals these guys have. Hahahah. 😛

Here’s the completed painting. I usually get crazy excited at this stage as it’s time to scan them and do some digital magic. 🙂


Aaaaand here’s the final product! Submitted like 3-4 drafts at once for the cover and just 1 for the content. You know you got it right when there’s no need for changes. Alhamdulillah for fuss free brides. ♥

I’ve got a few more invites to show before we welcome 2017, insyAllah. My IG is up to date as compared to my site, so head over to @shakinarazale to have a peek!


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