Framed Art | Galaxy in a Frame

Salaam and good day, loves. 🙂

I’ve got too many dust bunnies lying around here. Decided that I should probably start posting my work again.

I’ve been obsessed with galaxy prints/paintings for the longest time now. Below are my first two galaxy pieces before I received orders for more, alhamdulillah.

Close-up shot of my very first galaxy piece.
It’s a birthday gift for my favourite cousin last year. 🙂
4And here’s another for one of my girlfriends. Inserted laurels too because I was crazy about them at that time.And here’s how every package that leaves my home/studio looks like.

Not only do I find joy in painting the artwork, but also in the parts where I get to frame, wrap and decorate them before heading out to meet their future respective owners. 🙂

Time to have lunch now. Have a beautiful day, everyone.


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