Lately I am always posting about the work I do after hours, and never about my loved ones or myself. I am not sure what inspired me to pack my tablet to work, but it’s deemed useful during lunchtime just now – I am still recovering from this terrible virus, and my appetite hasn’t fully returned, so doodling’s the way to go.

Above is a comic about how I tried making my bestfriend’s choosing experience an interesting one. I have droopy lids in real life, which explain the additional lids in my drawing. As for the bestfriend, she’s got lovely eyelashes without the need for mascara.

I’ve always wanted to draw comics, but I never found the courage to do so. Every time I came up with a draft for the characters or story line, there is always something wrong somewhere. So I held back, and never really did publish anything. However, with the recommendation of my colleagues, I got onto Tapastic – not to publish, but to read short, funny comics should I ever feel bored with myself. I am a huge fan of Sarah Andersen and Deya Muniz. They are crazy talented and hilarious. They also showed me that your drawings don’t have to be complicated and heavy on the details in order to come up with a comic strip.

And that’s exactly what I did in a span of 40 minutes, using only Sketchapad (to draw), Powerpoint (to arrange) and the ever so classic Paint (to save). I had a ball, really. I do not know where this will lead me, but should I keep drawing?


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