Class + Practice

Good day, everyone! I am able to estimate how much I have learned in the past year. However, I am unaware of the number of classes/workshops I have attended until I put the pictures together below. Enjoy the visual vomit! 😉

First up is a letterpress workshop I attended with BCF. It was taught by Typesettingsg. We signed up for it via the organizers’ website, Public Garden. There are several perks to this class – 1) you get to bring home copies of your artwork, 2) you are now allowed to sign up for slots to do your personal letterpress work (invites, cards, etc.) at his studio, and 3) letterpress is such a tedious process, so you’d learn to appreciate its art and understand why it could cost a bomb to have them done. I still have the copies with me. I should probably use it to do a giveaway or something, insyaAllah. 🙂

The next one is a basic watercolour class by Priscilla Tan. It was held at Shop Wonderland. I signed up for the class at their website. There were only two of us that day, so Priscilla was able to give us her fullest attention. I was very, very nervous when she watched me paint my macarons. I mean, come on guys, the last time I painted properly was.. Never? Hahah. Managed to finish painting by the end of the class. I painted the flowers as practice before I decided to take up painting commissions.

And then I got hooked. I signed up for another class at the same place. Only this time, it was a modern calligraphy class by Joanne from The Letter J Supply. Yes, I have tried learning it on my own by reading Eleanor Winters’ Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy, but I felt the need to have a person there to correct my mistakes on the spot. Eleanor was Joanne’s calligraphy teacher btw! I had fun doing it and made a couple of friends too. Joanne’s really nice, but as always, I got really nervous when she came by to check on my work. I felt a little relieved when she turned to ask me, “Have you done this before?” 😀

Next up is Adobe Illustrator workshop by Khairunnisa Rahmad Ho from Esskayarr. I’ve always had my graphics work done on Photoshop. The idea of doing them on Illustrator is just.. Daunting. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to its interface. So anyway, it was a 2-day workshop held over the long SG50 jubilee weekend. I lugged my Big Momma (i.e. my Dell Inspiron 15) all the way to the east for this, and you know what? It was so worth it. Nisa shared with us what she knew and even gave us design tips! We had homework/assignment to submit to her on Day 2 and the above was done by me. We also had group work and presentation at the end of the workshop. I had fun working with the girls I just met, alhamdulillah. 🙂

Since I started uploading my quotes and paintings on instagram, I have lots of friends and strangers sending me texts to ask if I do Arabic calligraphy too. Up till today, my answer is no. Intrigued by the technicalities that lie behind every character, I took up a Khat ‘Arabi: Naskh Script class offered by As-Souq and was taught by Faizal. It. Is. Susah. Gila. Guys. It requires lots of discipline and patience. One also has to make time for practice on an almost-daily basis, which I do not have. Faizal is very kind to share his experience as a Khat student, and he allowed us to record his demonstrations for revision too. The part I enjoyed the most? Measuring the height and width of my characters using the dots.

The final one that I attended was Modern Botanical Art by Pearlyn from Pearlyn and Paper. I have been following her on instagram for a while, and I love her work so much that I’d jump at any opportunity that would allow me to learn from her. And I’m sure glad that I did. Pearlyn taught us how to draw a rose before giving us some time to sketch the roses on our tables. After that, she demonstrated several watercolour techniques and let us practise them on our newly drawn flowers. She walked around to give us some drawing/painting tips and see if we needed any help too. I tried my best to complete the first two layers of my painting, leaving the final one to be done at home. As practice, I painted a peony too. 🙂

One time, as the birthday of my BFF at work was approaching, I decided to try painting portraits. I applied what I’ve learned. I browsed through instagram to look at how other artists layer their work too. One that inspires me is Kat Santos from The Paper Cat. The feeling of being able to finish painting a portrait is just.. Priceless.

As you can see from all of the above, my skill set may have expanded and progressed, but I am far from reaching the end. I made new friends along the way, and was given the chance to hold my own watercolour workshop too. I’ll write about that in the next post, insyAllah. It started off as something I do to relax after a long day at work. I even thought that it was silly to entertain one idea that I had in mind, which is to get paid to paint, but I went for it anyway. And you know what? It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Alhamdulillah. So if you ever felt the urge to try something new, something crafty, have no fear and just do it!! 😀

Right now I am still painting, but itching to try something new. Cooking and baking is a requirement made by my mother, but I guess I’ll secretly be off to try something else that might involve some pins and needles! 😉



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