Review| Simply Gouache by Daler-Rowney

Setting aside my commissions, I’d like to share my attempts to test out a different type of paint. I usually paint with watercolour. It is transparent and I love how easy it flows.

I started painting with gouache after seeing beautiful artworks done by Seedling Paperie. I love how opaque the artworks are due to gouache’s high pigment ratio as compared to watercolour. It makes layering so much easier. Take a look at what I’ve done below. 🙂


I especially love how vibrant the colours turn out after drying. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t flow as easily as watercolour, so you might end up painting for long hours/days if you didn’t add enough water. Other than that, it’s all cool. The gouache paint I am using at the moment is Daler-Rowney’s Simply Gouache and I got it from Art Friend. Try painting with it when you can! 🙂



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