Stationery | Thank You

As a budding artist, I feel the need to thank every single person who trust my ability to deliver quality art work. So when Shams approached me to design thank you cards for her clients, (although very nervous) I was more than willing to do it for her. 🙂

Shamsydar Ani PhotographyLaser printing | 280 gsm A6 matte art card

Shams is a Singapore-based female photographer. She never fails to snap gorgeous photos of people and food. To check her out, click on the photo above and you’ll be redirected to her website.

I’ve been away from work for 5 days. Although not completely free from work as I work for my mom to design wedding stationery for my brother as well, it has been a good break. It allows me to get as much sleep as I need and also get my creative juices flowing without worrying about my patients. Alhamdulillah. Good night now. 🙂



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