Some time in 2013, I posted an entry about how I started my fitness journey. After that, I never really got around to writing on how #fitcheeks came about. So, here we go!

I have been uploading pictures of food, marked calendars and running records onto my Instagram account since February 2013. Each time I felt like I was exposing too much of my goals and achievements, I reminded myself the importance of keeping a visual diary. “You’ll need this to see how far you’ve gone on days you feel like giving up,” I told myself.


Little did I know, BCF noticed these uploads of mine. She was exercising on her own around the same time as well. Knowing that I was running a lot back then, she dropped me a text one evening, asking whether I’d be interested to join her in a 5-km race. It scared me a little at first, but I decided, “Why not?”

We started off by jogging slowly once every two to three days. As weeks and months went by, we ran faster, further and more frequently. From panting heavily after running for only 10 minutes, our stamina improved so much that we managed to maintain and increase our running speed for at least half an hour.


However, due to commitments in the month of Ramadhan that year, we barely met. In order not to miss congregational prayers with my family, I made a point to run three to five times a week for half an hour before it was time to break our fast. I lost a lot of weight, but I wasn’t quite pleased with the fact that I felt weak. Yes, I felt weak. I wanted very much to head straight to bed as soon as I was done eating.

I confided in S about it, and he suggested that I lift some weights at the gym. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I gave it a go. Oh, I couldn’t forget how awkward it was to be surrounded by men who were initially complete strangers to me. Well, all except for one – S. He taught me a couple of things, like lifting various weights to find a suitable one to start with, what to do to train and develop different muscle groups, number of sets and reps, etc. I was secretly impressed with the vast knowledge that he has about the gym. 😉


After a week or two, I asked BCF to come with me. We started small (light weights, 1-2 visits per week), and aimed for progress. Over time, we grew stronger and energetic. Motivated by the abilities that we now have (i.e. carrying multiple items from one place to another or die trying before making a second trip, hahahah), we did our own research by reading articles, watching YouTube videos and following fitness accounts on Instagram to find out more about what we can do to further improve our new lifestyle. Remember the complete strangers I mentioned earlier? Well, we even made friends with them and have our own fitfam at the gym! Did I also mention the ridiculously high number of post workout wefies that we took? 😛


After coining with the idea of sharing a fitness account together at the start of 2014, we decided to open one known as FitCheeks!


With this account, we hope to:

  1. Inspire many others out there to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle
  2. Share fitness tips and healthy recipes
  3. Reach out to local fitness community
  4. Pen down our PRs and fitness memories
  5. Avoid duplicates on our mutual friends’ feed
  6. Not to annoy our personal account followers with frequent gym wefies 😛

It’s been slightly over a year now, and alhamdulillah, through FitCheeks, we met many incredible and like-minded individuals. We collaborated with some to form Fitness 4 Muslimah and had the honour to do a podcast with the ever so lovely Aqilah from 15PAW. 🙂

So yes, that’s how we started. We are still bursting with ideas, but we lack the time to carry them out at the moment. For starters, we opened a blog at the beginning of this year, so do check us out. Only two entries for now, but that’s alright. Slowly, but surely!

That is all, m’dears. Thank you for taking the time to read. Have a lovely evening! ❤


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