Review | Her Tea by Your Tea

Hi, everyone! 🙂 I received a box of Her Tea teabags one morning. It’s a gift from my best friend. “Hope it strengthens your immunity,” she said. She knew I was falling ill frequently late last year, so the fact that I crossed her mind when she was ordering the teabags for herself touched me. Awww.

I am about to write what I think of the tea, from its packaging all the way to how I feel after consuming it over a length of time. So, click here to find out more about this tea and the wonders that it does to you and your body.

The Packaging packaging This is the signature box that houses the teabags. They come in different colours, depending on the type of tea that you want. I think the design is lovely, and that it is small enough to be stored almost anywhere – at home, in the office pantry, or locker, etc.

What’s Inside inside Inside you’ll find 60 teabags, which is enough to last you a month if you were to drink it twice a day. It also has a square pamphlet that contains both consumption directions as well as the range of teas available for purchase from Your Tea. To learn what the different teas can do to help your body, I must say that it’s an interesting read.

What I Think BookPart of the directions read: Repeat twice daily, morning and evening. So I did, and 36 hours later, I had itchy red bumps breaking out across my cheeks. I panicked, so I stopped consuming it for 5 days before I decided to try again. I had less bumps this time, and over the next couple of weeks, they were gone, alhamdulillah. This is the only downside of  the tea that I faced. I take it as an attempt for my body to cleanse itself naturally.

Now, for the good parts.

Taste: Since it’s made of Oolong, Du Song Guo, Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Five flavour berry, Lavender and Wolfberry, I get this whiff of herbs and berries whenever I steep the teabag in boiling water. It has a mild, sweet taste, so I don’t usually add honey when I drink it.

Energy: I drink it first thing in the morning when I wake up, and manage to stay awake through out the entire day at work. Since it keeps my energy up, I drink it before I get Kayla Itsines’ BBG Workouts done too. I’m in the middle of Week 6 by the way, yay!

Immunity: I used to fall ill once every two weeks, which worsened when my sinusitis acted up in December 2014. I started drinking this tea at the start of 2015, and up till today, I haven’t been down with a fever yet, alhamdulillah.

Now, I am not saying that I am illness-free just because I drink this tea. One needs to exercise regularly and eat well too. As for myself, this is just part of the efforts that I put in to stay healthy, but at the end of the day, falling ill is not really up to me, yes? 😉

Hope this has been nothing but helpful, m’dears. Till next time!


2 thoughts on “Review | Her Tea by Your Tea

  1. Oh, I am interested to try out this tea, after reading your review, but 60 teabags is a lot! So it’s different types of tea in that entire package or is each teabag the same?

    • Hello! In the entire box, there’s only 1 type of tea, so I had 60 Her Tea teabags. You can check out the different types of tea that they have on their website (link’s in the entry!)! 🙂

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