2014 has been interesting so far.

I got retrenched in January.
Two conflicting emotions here. Instead of worrying about my expenses, I was worried and guilty for not being able to pamper my parents with a bit of cash. At the same time, I felt liberated. I didn’t have a proper break after completing my undergraduate studies. I jumped into the workforce as soon as I could. So naturally, I saw this as a chance to rest and figure out my next step properly.

I received an offer letter from the University of Sydney to do MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics in February.
But I chose not to accept it. I applied for this last October. Not hearing from them longer than the stated duration made me doubtful. It made me rethink of what I really want and it opened my heart to explore and educate myself in other fields. I landed myself in Quranic studies, which will take two years to complete. At the same time, I was already in a BSS course organised by SSC. Took that up to better understand the sciences behind what BCF and I have been up to. More about this in a separate entry. 🙂

I got hired in March.
I work in a hospital now. For those who know me, they know that hospital is my happy place since I was a kid. Hahah. I get to meet and talk to people almost everyday. Although my immune system is still trying to get a hang of things, I like where I am at the moment. I have carefree weekends and I actually have the time to read. My retrenchment back in January was truly a blessing in disguise, alhamdulillah.

I spent a holiday overseas with S and a couple of friends in April.
I wasn’t expecting to since I have been out of touch for a while. I used to teach Science to a couple of kids on Sunday mornings. I decided to take a break and spend one day in a week at home with my family. So to reunite with my fellow mentors and have our fun in Malacca after not meeting them for months was really nice. I truly enjoyed myself. Thanks, guys. 🙂

I planned an outdoor dining to celebrate S’s belated birthday in May.
It was my first time, so imagine how nervous I was about the whole thing. Mom helped a lot with the basket and the cake. Thank you, Mom. I’m crippled without you. I enjoyed my time preparing for it. From shopping for both gifts and picnicware a week before to cooking and packing the food on the morning itself. Kinda sound like I’m on a quest to be a domestic goddess. Hee. I prayed hard that the weather remained perfect, and it did, alhamdulillah. And look at that smile, you guys! So worth it. Happy 63rd btw. 😉

So there you have it – the happenings in 2014 so far. Will be flying south this June and I hope to bring in more exciting stuff here. Keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy your evening, m’dears. 🙂



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