Mobile Diaries: August 2013

Hello, everybody! It’s time for the happenings in August 2013! 🙂

August was fun yet challenging. Fasting month was over, so it was time to get back on track when it comes to eating.

Work was piling up as well. Sometimes, I found myself working on the go. On bad/rushed days, I’d just have meals outside. Not complaining though. Who doesn’t love CBTL and Delifrance? 🙂

Mom decided to throw a graduation party for me too. It was also the first time S brought his family over. Imagine our excitement (and nerves hahah :P). Everything went well and according to plan, alhamdulillah. Thank you for turning up, loved ones and friends. And thank you for the lovely bakes and intensive planning, mom. As always, you’re the best. Hee. 🙂

Apart from graduation, we also celebrated a couple of other things, like Eid, my belated birthday with Sunshines and my brothers’ birthdays! We had a girls’ movie night too! It was like having a picnic in the theatre, with me passing fruits and smoked salmon to them. Heh.

Eid was lovely. It warms the heart to watch your loved ones gather, clad themselves in brand new colourful clothes and crack a joke or two before bursting into loud guffaws. The birthday celebrations were great. It’s definitely one of the many ways to show someone your appreciation and make him/her feel special. The movie night we had was awesome. Because of it, we are hoping to catch Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse together.

And Eid isn’t Eid without some #TeamJJ lovin’. Just look at how much fun we had. 😀

I also queued for my first race pack with Best, and it was the longest queue that we had to endure. And knowing Best, she wouldn’t let me slip away from her plans to celebrate my belated birthday with her. Sigh, so much love for this woman. Thank you. :’) And smiling from ear to ear despite getting stained with coloured powder from head to toe, we finished our first race together. 🙂

Running wise, I remained disciplined. I brought a couple of girls out with me too. I was determined to hit my 10km mark without stopping.

And I did, alhamdulillah. I hit that 10km mark on a Saturday morning before leaving my house again to meet #TeamJJ for our Eid outing. I took around 1:13, I think. Nope, it never gets easier. It requires great discipline and the right mindset. I managed to keep this up all the way to December 2013, where I ran my first 10km race with S.

From September to December 2013, everything was a blur. I was swamped with work, pushed myself to pick up weight training at the gym, ran more and spent my evenings prepping meals before heading to bed. I even signed up for a Hifz class with my brothers in October and removed all my wisdom teeth after my race with S. So yes, I barely had the social life of a typical 22-year-old, but it was worth it. All of it. I wouldn’t change a single bit of it for the world. 🙂

It’s bedtime now. Hope you guys enjoyed the visuals! Good night. xo


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