Mobile Diaries: July 2013

Hi guys!

It’s 2014 already, but I’m still determined to finish my series! So here we go! 🙂

July has always been my favourite month since I was a child because I get to turn a year wiser hee! 🙂 Last year, July was so much more. Here’s why:

1. Lydia and I finally graduated from college after going to the same school for 15 years.

The VIPs, My Loves, LSM M&Ms and iGraduated were taken by Nazry

Thank You, Allah, for the courage and strength to keep me going each time I felt like giving up, for easing my affairs when I thought I’d screw things up, for showing me that I am meant for this when I felt like switching fields, and for everything else that happened.

Thank you, Mak & Abah, for always believing in me, for approving every single crazy dream that I have up till today, for always being there each time I felt like falling, for preparing the necessities to make my life in school a comfortable one, for encouraging and motivating me when I started to dread staying up till the wee hours of the morning, and of course, for being the bestest best parents one could ever have.

Thank you, S, Wifey & BGF, for always being there to hear me out (and whine) about school, for all the warm hugs that I need, for all the smiles that you carved on my face on bad days, for the random notes and gifts to keep me motivated and feel loved through out the years, and for this love and beautiful friendship that we share.

Thank you, LSM M&Ms, for keeping me sane since Day 1. University life would be dull and grey without you guys, really. Naz, for always making me laugh no matter how lame you are, for being the brother that I need, and of course, for annoying me allllllllllllll the damn time. Hils, for being my person when the boys didn’t seem to understand issues with regards to having an additional X chromosome. Nabs, for being the sweet one who cares for all of us. Those notes, cans of coffee and long memorable letter will never be forgotten, bro. And Nas, for the secret conversations during our enjoyable rides home after school and gatherings (Westies ftw!). Watching TBBT on Fridays will always remind me of us. 🙂

Thank you, Sunshines, for always reminding me to take a breather and hang out with you guys, for the prayers and well wishes before we undergraduates step into the examination halls, and for celebrating us when we finally graduated.

From fighting like cats and arguing like lawyers to defending one another no matter how wrong we were and watching each other grow, I thank you, Lydia, for the wonderful 15 years. ❤

2. I turned 22.

S brought me out for a nice advance birthday dinner before surprising me with the thing that I wanted most – a Polar heart rate monitor. Such a sweetheart, he is. Thank you, S. :’) Also, as a working adult, I bought myself something that I’ve always wanted to hang on my wall – a hugeass world map. On the day itself, mom baked Pavlovas and invited S over to break fast with us as my birthday dinner. hee. Alhamdulillah. 😀

3. I clocked my first 100 km in the month of Ramadhan.


It was the start of Ramadhan, a holy month for us Muslims to observe our fasts. I have been running and training for my race since June, and I refused to  give it up. So every day, I would rush home from work to give myself enough time to run at least 3 km before it was time to break fast.

S told me to have an aim in running as it would keep me focused and motivated. I decided to clock 100 km. He’s right, y’know. I got it over and done with even when I didn’t feel like running on some days. Anyway! Once I hit my goal, my darling aunt got me a pair of tights from 2XU as a birthday gift/reward. I truly believe that this isn’t an obsession. This is dedication. 🙂

Lesson in July – ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL. For family, love, friends, humility, strength, courage and progress, no matter how big or small. Everyone/thing is worth celebrating and praying for. It is one of the many ways to express our sense of appreciation towards Him and our loved ones. So go on and celebrate. 😀

I got busy after July so the next few months were quite a blur. Will try to compress them in an entry! Thank you for reading, dears. Good night! 🙂


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