Time for a Change

Waddup guys! 🙂

Sorry for being gone for like what, the entire month of February? Truth is, I have been trying to adjust to a new routine. Unlike the usual family-school-NUSMS-volunteering combination, I’ve added in fit and healthy living! *beams like a school girl* That means exercising and eating clean as often as possible. It’s been slightly more than a month of trying, and to be honest, it’s a decision that I’d never regret.

In this one month, I have managed to:

  • Increase my running distance from 2.4 km to 4 km. Slowly but surely!
  • Eat clean. The only cheat meal I’ll have in a week is lunch on Sundays with PCS.
  • Lose 3 kg. Heh.
  • Sleep deeply.
  • Stay alert during 8 am lectures. 😀
  • Increase workout (run/static exercises/gym) frequency from 3 times a week to 5 times a week. Yay.
  • Enjoy healthy grocery shopping alone after school. Excuse me while I feel like a true woman hahah.

So the above is how my clean diet looks like. You see, eating clean isn’t an easy process, especially when you are surrounded with people who eat fast food and heavy meals yet still look good (I know, right -.-“). I, for one, have to be stubborn and learn to say no. The key here is to eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re satisfied. It’s never about starving yourself.

I am thankful to have a family, love and friends who are supportive in this. Darling mom has started cooking more greens for the family. My friends have been such sweethearts by sharing  helpful tips and workout videos. And S, apart from being such an inspiration, got me a pair of runners after knowing that I wanted to reward myself with it one day.

These babies are too pretty for me to say no. Thank you. 🙂

It’s gonna be the 5th week of trying in two days’ time, and it’s also gonna be the 9th week of school tomorrow. I reallyyyyy hope to keep up with this. School’s been awesome and better by the way heheh! *winks

So yeap, that’s it for now. Gnite darlings. 🙂


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