It’s gonna be my second last before graduation. I’m tired, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I’m studying. It’s really interesting to know the different mechanisms that take place in the body – how drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated, how the body fights against infections, how the heart works, and also the other forms of medication that are available in the market apart from conventional medicine. It’s the information overload. I would rather specialize in something and get an in-depth knowledge in it, than touching everything lightly (okay, not so light, considering how much we have to study for each module hahah).

Last week it bothered me so much, I ended up like this before I could finish half of what I wanted to do.

And then the Yang in me took over and reminded me of why I chose to study Life Sciences in the first place.

So I shan’t give up and leave things as it is just yet. Because..
InsyaAllah. 🙂

To those who’re still mugging your asses off just like me, all the best! Shall fill this space with fun things once finals are done and over with. Toodles.


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