Taking A Turn

Hello there.

It’s gotten a little too quiet here, no? I apologise for the long hiatus. So, I have photos to show and films to develop from my last trip to Gold Coast. I believe that can wait. I’ve got news to share. Guess the name of the smarty skirts who signed up for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) this August?


Yes, me. Till now, I can’t believe I did it. The only consolation I have right now – I have all summer to prepare for it. I have to admit that I’m no genius or whiz when it comes to academic-related matters. I’m average. I learn mostly through observations and hands-on, a little from books and sitting in the LT for hours. So how did I manage to make my way up from freshman to sophomore in NUS? Well, like what Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s mom says, that’s all God, really. Hahah.

I am not ashamed to talk about my ambitions and dreams out loud. True, I don’t always get the results I want. I always turn out to be the second best. I feel small being around and taking in the rants of smart people, rants about grades that are beyond my reach. But at the end of the day, it’s how I handle it that matters. I won’t allow it to hit me hard no matter how good it feels to feed on the sad emotions, like to just stay in bed, binge on comfort food, watch sitcoms and not take a bath the entire day.

So from here and now, I will try my best to write about my MCAT journey, how I’ll prepare for it, and the challenges I’ll be facing. I apologise in advance for the future lack of visual vomit.

Wish me luck. God bless.


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