Today was all about finding my mother’s favourite things – things you can find in the kitchen/bakery. It was bright and warm when we left the house this afternoon. I am amazed at how we dared ourselves to leave our sanctuary despite knowing the weather’s ongoing fluctuating moods.

We headed to Peter’s of Kensington first, and got excited at the sight of these after we decided on what to get for ourselves. How can you not love Disney characters? 🙂

Then my uncle drove us to Kirribilli to show us how Sydney Opera House looks like from afar. Pretty scenic, I’d say.

I love how pretty the city skyline looks across the dark blue waters. And hey, that’s Sydney Harbour Bridge on the right, everybody!

Dark clouds started rolling in and it turned cold. So we rushed through dinner before heading home. We had Malay cuisine at Pondok Buyung and it sure felt like home. 🙂

And that’s it for day three in Sydney! I’m off to bed. Another day out tomorrow, if things go as planned. Good night everybody!


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