City Lights

So today was awesome since the sun decided to come out and play. We grabbed the chance to go out and familiarize ourselves with the city! 🙂

Before leaving the house, I thought I should take this. Just in case the sun decides to hide itself again till Christmas.

We walked down to Little Bay beach because we didn’t want to miss the cool, clear waters slamming themselves against the rocks.

Then we had Indian cuisine for lunch. I settled for naan with some chilli and oh boy, it was the warmest and softest naan I’ve ever tasted.

I was munching away when I noticed what’s written on the board. I couldn’t help but love the quote. (Y)

Paid a visit to the heart of the city after the scrumptious meal.

It turned dark and cold when we exited Queen Victoria Building. We drove through Barwon Crescent to look at pretty Christmas lights before heading home to seek refuge in the warmth. So that’s day two in Sydney! Time to turn in since it’s 3 in the morning here. Good night! 🙂


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