Till Then

Tonight, as much as my body tells me to get some sleep, I can’t. I have clocked countless of delayed owl-ing hours. Sigh. Congratulations, self.

A cold night, isn’t it? With the weather having alternating moods of its own, it is on par with how school has been for me. I have this strong urge to kick myself hard in my gut for thinking I could survive this semester just like how I did during the last. Such unimaginable expectations, I have. The gruelling hours spent in school during the day, trying to be the finest sponges an ecologist could ever discover, have been agonizing. Our attempts remain futile till this very day, of course.

I am okay. Giving my best fight against the massacre of my own neurons, especially when finals are drawing nearer by the minute. For me to survive, I’d have to keep a few things off my shoulders, including this space of mine.

25 more days. Can you smell the air of liberation already? I know I can’t since my lungs are choked with fumes of all things dreadful.


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