Back to School

Hi! I haven’t disappeared, really!

Anyway, it’s a brand new academic year for us Sophomores. Judging by the workload, I suppose it’s gonna be an undoubtedly tougher year. However, I’ve taken up Planet Earth as consolation. My Geo genius cousin will be honoured/proud. Just kidding! 😛

And.. Here are my Year II resolutions:

  • Prepare for lectures
  • Recap them asap after that
  • Never skip tutorials
  • Have enough sleep
  • Go for a swim when I have the time
In other words for the 4th point, I gotta learn to reduce my owl-ing hours. :/ So far, I’ve not put my pile of notes aside. Yet. We’ll see how it goes throughout this semester. Pretty determined to keep raising my CAP since I raised it quite a bit when I was expected to do otherwise last semester. Alhamdulillah. Alright, back to my Arab 2 homework! Enjoy your weekend, dears! 🙂

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