This week,

I was out everyday.

Why, you may ask. To catch up with my friends and BCF. To fill my time. And maybe to distract myself since S is away serving in Thailand. Talk about emptiness. Hahah!

Visited a relative at NUH and went shopping with my JC girlies on Monday. Chilled and talked about the most random things at Vintage Delicafe and walked around Children Little Museum with BCF on Tuesday. I actually brought my camera along, but left my card at home. Oh, the horror. D:

Accompanied Iezah to our school for some submission of documents before heading to JP for lunch and POTC IV on Wednesday. We fell in love with Philip + Syrena! 🙂

Meet Iezah. Such a darling, she is. Welcome to my school, freshman! 🙂

(via.) Don’t you just love these two? 🙂

Met up with Asyikin before attending Duke-NUS’ open house yesterday, which is the school of our dreams. Chillax at JP’s Mc Cafe before heading home.

Meet Asyikin. We’ve been friends since PAE!

Oh btw, I even purchased a Superheadz ultra wide and slim camera for my trip! How exciting!

I named it after the girl who played Syrena, Astrid. 🙂

One day, insyAllah. 🙂

Oh, happy birthday, Ainni! May you have all the happiness and success in the world!


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