Right Now

I’m done with all 3 tests scheduled for this month. I think I’ve been doing alright so far. I actually studied for every single test, which is the complete opposite of last semester. So, thank you, God. 🙂

I need to learn how to wind down and stop staring at the computer screen. Watching a musical with L tomorrow after my zoology lab. So exciting! I love plays and musical. They make me feel so artsy. Besides, I love meeting L. She’s just awesome. (^_^)

I am heavily obsessed with water. Maybe that explains why I find it hard to stop taking long baths, which is a bad habit of mine since I was young. I fall in love with swimming over and over again, and right now, I would love to try diving deep down under. School has such CCA, but I’m not sure if I’m up for it.

One more day till the weekends. Hang in there, darlings. 🙂


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