My Hijab & I

“You have beautiful hair, why do you have to cover it up?”

“I don’t have to. I choose to.”

It’s like a relationship. It is there to remind me of who I am. It is there to remind me of my duties. It is not a fashion statement. It is not a trend. It is never by force. It is by choice, my choice. It has been more than a wonderful year, alhamdulillah. I hope/am determined to keep up with it. It isn’t a sign to show that I am a perfect angel. I’m not, really. I do face hardships and challenges just like everyone else. It is a matter of how I deal with them, how much faith I have in Him and myself. It has opened my heart to so many wonderful things in life. If you ask me, I have never regretted my decision. I couldn’t be a lot happier than I already am since the day I put it on. The obstacles are there. It is completely up to us to face them.

One day, InsyAllah. 🙂


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